Monday, November 28, 2011

Gog And Magog : Crusade And War In Pakistan

The Latest In Pakistan: An American Crusade!

Hundreds of enraged Pakistanis took to the streets across the country Sunday, burning an effigy of President Barack Obama and setting fire to US flags after 24 soldiers died in NATO air strikes.
The rallies were organised by opposition and right-wing Islamist groups in major cities of the nuclear-armed country of 167 million people, where opposition to the government's US alliance is rampant.
In Karachi, the port city used by the United States to ship supplies to troops fighting in Afghanistan, more than 700 people gathered outside the US consulate, an AFP photographer said.
They shouted: "down with America, stay away Americans, Pakistanis ours, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our army", while Pakistani riot police were deployed near the consulate.
Outside the press club in Karachi, dozens of political activists burnt an effigy of President Obama, an AFP photographer added.
In the central city of Multan, more than 300 activists loyal to the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, as well as local traders took to the streets, burning US and NATO flags.
They carried placards and banners, and shouted: "down with America," "down with NATO," "Yankees go back", "vacate Afghanistan and Pakistan" and "stop drone attacks" -- a reference to a CIA drone war against Islamist militants.
Speaking at the rally, opposition lawmaker Javed Hashmi demanded that the government end its alliance in the US-led "war on terror".
In Islamabad, at least 200 activists of the radical Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) party held a rally in the middle-class I-10 neighbourhood.
"We strongly condemn the attack and the killing of our soldiers," local JI chief Mian Aslam told the rally in reference to the air strike early Saturday, as protestors chanted "Pakistan is America's graveyard."
Pakistan has reacted with fury over the killings, and has called the attack by NATO helicopters and fighter jets on two military posts close to the Afghan border "unprovoked".
In response, Islamabad has sealed its Afghan border to NATO supply convoys and is reviewing its alliance with the United States and NATO, mulling whether to boycott a key international conference on Afghanistan next month.

A fallen Pakistan, is an American Stranglehold on the entire World: Keeping China and Russia at bay, strengthening the Aussie pipeline, securing the Middle East, from India to Morocco, channeling into Europe, allowing Sony to be pumped all over North America, and funding South American goods for American Consumerism in the Food Sector...Welcome to the final stage of Galus Edom...(Africa will become vacation ground, like a relic? - producing safaris and diamonds for the Wests' leisurely desires)

Please Hashem Moshiach in 2012/5772...Do we have to watch this play out like a bad rendition of a Hollywood film starring an old Sylvestor Stalone?
The Problem: Galus Edom. The Answer: Jerusalem Rebuilt...5772


Jesterhead45 said...

Apparently, some are of the opinion that the Land of Magog is located in parts of what is now Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

Klishlishi said...

Syvlester Stallone is Jewish and IS the Moshiach!!

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