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The Four Beautiful Souls Of Israel! Come Home Already!

On Tefillin, we have two Shin's ש with 3 arms, another with 4 arms. It is said, the 4 arms are: Kohen, Levi, Yisrael, and The Ger Tzedek; Holy and Righteous Converts.

Here is one example of a Beautiful Neshama of a Giuret Tzedeket:

  • זהבה בת שרה אברהם /  Sondra Christine Brenner [Bas] Edward Earl
  • זהבה = Gold ; Sondra = Man's Defender ; Christine = "Past Observance" ; Brenner = Burner ; Edward = Wealthy Guard ; Earl = Nobleman [other names that will figure in the reading: Avraham = Father of Nations ; Sarah = To Strive ; Yosef = To Add]
  • Initial letters: א''ש זב : Heaven and Earth united, Pouring out; the concept of Jerusalem above and below, with one lifeline of Divine Shefa, " A Land Flowing With Milk And Honey".
  • 310 א''ש זב ; This is a depiction of a Shin ש and a yud י. In a system of Remez/Hint, the shin and yud are interchangable; The Arizal says the word חיים /Life becomes Moshiach/ משיח When we exchange a yud with a shin as in the ALBAM METHOD : אלבמ alef-beis...and lamed-mem...; We also see the word itself, יש / "to have"...this soul is not empty, or without, rather, "yesh / of having possessions." To be with a  possession and not be overly proud, is called Yesh [Amiti]. For a convert to come into Klal Yisrael having left it all behind, and to be a Jew with a strong Yesh, shows tremendous Beracha...and God's active Providence revealed.
  • End Letters: התמה, "The one (f) who is Perfect/Wholesome/Righteous/Straight/Inncoent."
  • Full spelling of Zahava: = 499 = There are 499 levels of evil to the left and to the right; thus to reach 499, is to rise mida kineged mida against evil; God will then complete the 1000th level, 500 to his ה and 500 to his ו shown in the word, "תקוה" / (Hope), which is 500 + ו & ה ...Hashem gives us Hope when we rise to reach the Beracha, to go up to, "499", Hope: and Hashem completes us at 500, where evil can not reach. with the ה and ו it corresponds to Man and Woman, thus this Beracha of 500 (from 499) reaches 2, as 1.
  • Take away 19, called Milui Nistar (the initial letters), gives us 480: the Power against the evil feminine seductive forces that plague the world, as seen by the Drum of Miriam; Miriam's Drum = 480, that in the merit of righteous women,we left Egypt and were Valiant at the Sea's Split...thus Miriam led the women in Dance and Song.
  • End and Beg. Letters value: 760: נס / Miracle ; To have Miracles regular in our lives; they are there, we can have a Beracha to witness them.
  • The Secular Name : "A follower of the old way, to be man's defender, and that way was/is destroyed, burned; as I am now A WEALTHY Guard and a Nobleman."
  • יהוסף בן זהבה : = 232, the value of the 4 main gematrias of Hashem, showing fullness of Hashem in revelation ; to be added, by means of "zahava" ; to be at the threshold of God - to be with God till the End - To have Hashem go to war for us = Yeho/Sof  =  God will + "all the terms listed above" = Yehosef (Yehosef, and not Yosef, as Yosef sanctified hashem's Name in private, revealing the silent Heh in his name), Also To Acquire...all these traits, by being Bas Zahava..Zahava makes this possible, to be a Ben "Yehosef".
  • Each Letter, one placement downwards = דוד - א : One Beloved ; One Companion, The Nourishment form One/1000 [Alef can be 1, or 1000 (500+500)].
  • זהבה בת אברהם : 669 = Bechor Emes, The true First Born, Israel, or a literal true first born Blessing; 669 = 391 + 278 = יהושע / עזרע : The 2 archetype souls of coming into the Land: from Farming or Conquest, the Eternal Craft of Israel, in its Yishuv Ha'Aretz, that will bring us to Beis Hamikdash, to be a Kingdom of Priests, in Peace..Taking our place as the True Bechor, Firstborn of God.
  • זהבה בת שרה : is 926: כוץ, which is to shrink: Sarah said she had shrunk (עדנה) , how could she give birth to Isaac? Thus זהבה is זה בה , this is in her, bas Sarah: Sarah bore Isaac. Isaac is 208, the Gematria of, "Ben Yosef".
  • Avraham and Sarah came to Israel with Lech Lecha : And this name is Zahava / Gold. Thus Zahava, The Gold of Bas Avraham and Sarah, as it says, " The Gold of the Land is Good....Zahava, Bas - Avraham and Sarah (the Gold of THEIR Land)...POssession of Eretz Yisrael, the Gold of our Forefathers.
This is a Very Holy Soul...B'H..One We Can All Learn From.


Tidbits of Torah said...

I am still amazed at this reading Rabbi Katz. Now I clearly understand why, as a nonjew, I had the ever present desire to come closer to my Creator. This deep want I had to really know HaShem; to come home to Torah, and to the good land of Israel.

I can not stop praising and thanking HaShem for my dearest huband and son Yosef. Thank you again for this reading of my name. May HaShem continue to shower you with blessings.

TidbitsofTorah said...

Rabbi Katz - 669 = זהבה בת אברהם= Bechor Emes,

why wasn't (600) used for the mem sofit? Instead you used (40) as the decimal.

David said...

sofit can be either the normal value or the bigger value.
shabbat shalom :)

in the vanguard said...

Hi tidbit;

It is also quite clear from this why our sages said that Hashem did a favor for scattering the Jews world wide. Thereby it was possible to absorb all those souls out there among the Gentiles that are trapped in Gentile bodies but are yearn to become Jewish souls.

This also sheds light on why the Rebbe (of Lubavitch) sent out emissaries world wide. You see, it isn't enough that a Jew is in some far-flung corner of the world. That, in itself, might draw that Gentile soul to the Jew, but the Jew also must, involved in the local culture, create a holy environment into which that Gentile can then truly be involved and then get absorbed, otherwise no ongoing sacred activity can keep that soul involved to draw him close enough.

(The Rebbe speaks about this in the Torah portion of Vayeishev, 5752, where he discusses the transformation that occurred in France, since Napolean's time to the present, as a result of Chabad influence.)

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