Sunday, November 13, 2011

Netanyahu: A Name To Remember!

In light of Bibi Netanyahu's name reading on Tamar Yonah:
                                                           בנימין בן בן ציון צילה נתניהו

  • נ - נ - נ -נ : four Nun's in a row at the end of his name. Does this show Binah - as in Nun Shaarei Binah? Or does it show disaster as in the Torah's upside down Nun's that show Hashem's anger towards the Jews?
  • Initial Letters: Gematria 96 : אמנה a covenant of Truth in conjunction with his gematria כתב write a covenant to who?
  • בן ימין a son of [קץ]  meaning the "Son of " [End] of days
  • End letters Gematria: 861 : אסף to withdraw or take away (West Bank/Jerusalem)?
  • בנימין in full spelling = 744 "to force the end", in conjunction with his end letter value הר / mountain..we'll see how Bibi deals with Temple Mount and Jerusalem.
  • "Son of his parents" = משנה = second to the King (Obama) (Pope?). Also can break down to שם נה to yearn for a name. Some would even accuse him of being Moshiach Ben Yosef..thus משיח בן מנשה the final redeemer, משה/Moses as משנה = מנשה...his end/beg. letters of his name even shows משה with a נ as ב''נון ...implying משה + נ  = מנשה/משנה.
  • בנימין can be בני מין ...of sons of a heretic.
  • The name shows בן צב ...a son of a it has been shown in recent politics, Bibi is seen as hardshelled and slow paced to peace.
  • Atbash Gematria: 408 = חשק ...desire or lust..we all know how that went for him first time around in office...will he be the predicted straightened final government that gives way to משיח?

The Jury is out on Bibi...his name clearly shows he is in position of power: the choice is his on the matter.

Jerusalem 5772..with or without Bibi.


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