Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jews, Noahides, And Secrets Of Origins! Parshas Vayeira & Shir Hashirim Chapter 6 : 8

Shir HaShirim with Vilna Gaon Chapter 6 Verse 8: Click Here!

  • Who Are The Noahides
  • Who Are The Offspring Of Nachor, Brother Of Abraham
  • Who Makes Up The World
  • What Are The Nations Of The World
  • Are There Different Stages Of Bnei Noach
  • Where Does A Jew Come From

Parshas Vayeira Commentary Of Ramban Click Here!

New Insights Into Parsha Shavua!

May We See Geulah Mamash Bekarov!


Joe said...

Todah rabbah Rabbi,

I have been following your shiurim on B'nei Noach and have found them extremely interesting and thought provoking.

As is always the case, the end result is that more tantalizing questions are proposed from the answers submitted.

In your opinion, where do the lost tribes of Israel fit into the scheme of things? Are they a separate entity, do they exist, or do they derive from the B'nei Noach? As mentioned at the end of your shiur, "the true Israel will be revealed,"........The cholent thickens.

rabbi david katz said...

i feel the lost tribes are the sfardim.
true israel is israel understanding who they are and where they come from.
noahide nation runs the same and parallel

Jesterhead45 said...

I was always under the impression that it was the secular Ashkenazim which are the lost tribes, since it was through the secular Zionists that the modern State of Israel came to be and also due to the fact that one of MBY’s roles is to militarily conquer the land and like Joshua, drive all the Arabs (and other internal / external enemies) from the Land, while the Sephardim / Mizrahim are generally thought to be from Yehuda / Benjamin / etc though one could easily make the case that the lost tribes are in fact the Bene Anusim, who are said to number in the hundreds of millions.

From the link below: “Yosef is portrayed in the Bible as cosmopolitan, world savvy, and what we would today call secular. …” – I am not quite sure that the Sephardim / Mizrahim could be described as such unlike the Ashkenazic founders of the modern secular State of Israel.

Devorah said...

I think we're all lost.

duvid pesach said...

the tribes of Ephraim are located amongst the Ashkenazim.
and as an israeli citizen id say the sfardim are largely responsible with the land, as per the gra in kol hator.
the ashkenazi element is erev rav, the vehicle necessary to come into the land..for much the same reason moses brought them out of egypt.

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