Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Syrian Chess Match

Is Syria the Pawn that will bring down the Arab Spring House of Cards? It is the most shayach element of the Arab States relating to Israel, as Syria was conquered by King David and has Quasi-Kedusha status.
What happens to Syria is a direct relationship to The Land..aside from the obvious Golan threat.
Keep an eye on Syria's chess match with its people!

More than 90 people have died in the clashes in Syria over the last 24 hours, the numbers including dozens of Syrian troops who were ambushed by the Free Syrian Army. The deaths marked one of the bloodiest days of the 8 month old uprising, and demonstrated a growing confidence among the defectors from the regime.
The full extent of the bloodshed became evident only on Tuesday as bodies which had been left lying in the streets were taken to the morgue in the daylight hours.
The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Tuesday that the dead included 27 civilians shot dead by security forces. It put the number of soldiers killed in the ambush at 34 adding that 12 others killed were suspected to be army deserters.
The recent spike in violence has seriously strained Syria’s relations with its former allies. Turkey which not too long ago was working to build a solid partnership with Syria reacted strongly to the latest killings.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Syria was on a “Knife edge.” And that the actions of Bashar al Assad threatened to place him on a list of leaders who “feed on blood.”
He also threatened to cut off the electricity supply to Syria, if the spiraling violence is not halted. Turkey supplies around 7% of the electricity to neighboring Syria.
“No regime can survive on killing and jailing,” he said. “No one can build a future over the blood of the oppressed.”

If Syria falls, who is next - Saudi Arabia? "Palestine"? ...or the big enchilada - Pakistan?
Arab Spring is looking like it will carry over into Arab Winter as predicted.
The Zohar predicts a year ending in 72 will culminate with a Yishmaelite War and the coming of Moshiach!
May Jerusalem Be Built Soon - As The Characters Are All On The Chessboard!
(We're just waiting on the King's Move!)


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