Saturday, November 19, 2011

Names And Noahides : One Clear Language

Here is a wonderful example of a Noahide Hebrew Name!

                                                               שמה אסתירא בית שם

  • End Letters: 446 : האמת - The Truth ; שמה spelled in full = 446
  • אסתירא = A derivative of Esther = "Home Ruler / Star...Astirah = Morning Star
  • שמה אסתירא = "There I hide" ; House of Shem...To study the Torah (way of life) to distinguish between Good and Bad.
  • Astirah : Bright, Glorious, of sense radiance, aura/vibe (Mazal Elyon - Upper Mazal)
  • שמה = same letters as השם and משה...Jerusalem (שמה) - and השם - and תורת משה (Torah of Moses) are one.
  • שמה (Atbash; opposite letters) = 102 (gematria) : אמונה / Faith-Truth ; Spells צבי = Deer, as Israel is called Eretz Tzvi = "The land of the deer", as the stretches to hold its people like the skin of a deer; swift like a deer.
  • There I Shall Hide: Hashem is with us no matter where we are, Hiding Within us.
  • Initial Letters : 603 = Ambush ( every corner) (Mishlei 7:12)
  • יראת סם אשה = Fear/Awe of the Perfume/Cure of a Woman
  • Atbash: בית ץ גם אחת / also: ץ אחת גם בית ... House of a Righteous One also of One / Sister (Torah is called Sister) (feminine) ; One Righteous One also is a Woman.
  • בית שם = (Atbash) 353 = Simcha / Joy ; Regular : 752, Faith - אמונה ; also: בא שמי : My Name Comes, as described in Ezekial, "Hashem is There" ... A Prophecy of Yafet, באהלי שם (in the tents of Shem) rearranges to become : השם בא לי ...Hashem comes to me...hinted at in the Ancient Greek, "Astirah"..fulfilling the prophecy of Noach.
  • בית שם = (Atbash) =  שם יבא - Shem will come...(Remez / Hint) of Moshiach..Shem = Malki Tzedek, a hint of Melech Moshiach  - Avos D' Rebbi Natan

Here was a Wonderful Example of a Hebrew Noahide Name...A Soul Finding Her Roots!
שמה אסתירא = "There I Was Hidden, In The House of Shem"

A Full Recording is offered to explain concepts ; around 1 hour Recording


Moriah said...

Wow! That was awesome..

Devorah said...

He always is....

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rabbi Katz. Shamah Astirah.

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