Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When Hashem Destroys Zion...Tzfat Will Be A Dwelling For Him

I have been trying to get a  Haskama that was promised to me from Rav Shmuel Eliyahu...it seems he is a very busy man!
I don't really agree with his psak on this Arab issue..but he has his reasons.
Here is the latest with the Rav Eliyahu saga and keeping Tzfat a quiet and Holy City.

Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein ordered police Tuesday to open a criminal investigation against Safed's Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu for incitement to racism.

Eliyahu was one of fifty rabbis to sign a religious ruling stipulating that Jews should not sell or rent property to non-Jews, but that document is not what concerned Weinstein.

The real racism: Expecting Jews to die meekly 
2011 Israeli Democracy Index indicates racism in society 

According to the attorney-general, Eliyahu has been associated with a spate of aggressive comments against Arab citizens.

Those comments include: "Once you give an Arab a place, it takes him five minutes to start doing whatever he wants," and "Arabs act under different codes of conduct, and the norm of violence has become their ideology. For the Arabs, agricultural theft is ideology. For the Arabs, extorting protection money from Negev farmers is ideology," according to Israeli media.

The rabbi also reportedly called on Jews to actively expel Arabs from within their neighborhoods.

While these comments potentially constitute incitement to racism, Weinstein said he would have difficulty proving in an investigation the same for the religious edict that forbid selling or renting property to non-Jews.

Despite received a number of emails protesting the ruling Eliyahu signed, unless there is a specific call to violence, it is better not to open a criminal investigation on a religious edict, Weinstein said. 

My opinion is the opposite, for reasons that are not shayach to post in this blog post.
In any case, I think resolving Tzfat ( In any way) will lead to a rebuilt Jerusalem.
The Shechinah resides in Tzfat while exiled from Jerusalem - Arizal
So why not help the Shechinah on her way to Jerusalem? Radical? Yes. Effective? Also Yes.

Jerusalem 5772...A City Rebuilt With A Beis Hamikdash.
Will Tzfat play its predicted Messianic Role?
...And The Moshiach Will First Appear In The Galillee.


Quilting Corner said...

I have a four year old granddaughter who lives in Tzfat. On her way to Gan she has told her mother (my daughter) as they use a particular set of steps in the old city, "Moshiach has walked here and he will be back." She has said it several times, always pointing to the same area. It says in Bava Basra, daf 12b that prophecy will be given to the children and those who are not able to express themselves (all the accurate messages we are getting these days from the Autistics and others). Even though it has been confirmed from many excellent sources that Moshiach is here and lives in Yerushalayim, he has been to Tzfat and will return to bring all the Gadolim to Yerushalayim. This is absolutely the year of Moshiach, 5772.

mg said...

To Quilting Corner:

I think you meant that Moshiach will return to bring all Jews to Yerushalayaim. Right?

To R. Katz, we have to stop being apologetic to the nations of the world, and face the truth. The Arabs hate us and want to destroy us, end of story. We have an obligation to save Jewish lives, and if it means that we have to implement what was suggested by R. Eliyahu then we must listen. He is talmud chacham and an oheiv yisroel, and I believe that he speaks out of concern for the lives of all Jews in EY.

In addition, it was the Lubavitcher Rebbe, zt'l, who made it clear that Arabs must be expelled because they are a threat to Jewish lives.

We have to stop apologizing and be concerned what the goyim think. We must be strong and pray that Moshiach will come now!

rabbi david katz said...

im not speaking from "what the goyim think"
i have a cheshbon...and i believe lidchok et haketz by a jew is more productive than from the nations..if there has to be one or the other.
in this case, i feel lidchok would actually work.
the history of tzfat proves to be a factor in this: look into yossi seragasi and his legend and its toldos.

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