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Doom and Disaster: The Neutrino of 5772

Neutrino = "A piece of obscure knowledge in Physics that baffles Scientists, leading to Knowledge that they would kill for. Is this a modern day element of Etz HaDaas Tov v' Rah? Doom seems to accompany all neutrino research.

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Neutrinos are making all the headlines these days, and could be the source of monumental problems.

Earthquakes and Tsunamis : Christchurch and Japan both are MAJOR neutrino hot spots. Does neutrino research create a cascade effect onto the spot of the research - to gain knowledge?

Physics: Are neutrinos faster than the speed of light, thereby disproving Einsteinian Physics?

And now moving into the Med. Sea - whats next? As this is very close to Israeli Soil - is the Erev Rav involved there too? Israel is getting heavy into the LHC in Geneva as well, taking part in the search of the God Particle, which is directly related to these neutrinos. It was there in Geneva that the neutrinos were found going faster than the speed of light.

Do neutrinos spell out Doom?

Underwater neutrino detector will be the second largest structure ever built

Plans are afoot to build a gigantic, state-of-the-art neutrino detector beneath the Mediterranean Sea. This particle-hunting behemoth would be taller than the Burj Khalifa and the second biggest structure ever built, second only to the Great Wall of China.

The structure is the work of a consortium of forty institutes and universities scattered across ten European countries. Given the catchy name of KM3NeT, the detector would measure several cubic kilometers in volume, all so that we have the best chance yet to spot these weakly interacting "ghost" particles. Because neutrinos don't interact with other particles, we can use them to figure out the conditions of extremely distant part of the universe.

Studying astrophysical neutrinos should give us crucial new insight into exotic phenomena like gamma ray bursts, quasars, and supermassive black holes. In case you're wondering, the extraterrestrial neutrinos we're searching for here aren't directly related to the possibly faster-than-light neutrinos, which were created as part of the OPERA experiment.

But it's also because neutrinos are so fiendishly hard to spot that we have to build a gigantic, underwater detector - and that doesn't even cover how ridiculously difficult it is to observe them in the first place. Far away across the universe, extremely powerful cosmic forces can rip apart subatomic particles, in the process creating super-energetic neutrinos. These fly off in all directions, and at least some of them end up headed towards Earth. When it reaches Earth eons later, it can hit a charged particle that, in turn, spits out a muon, which is a much more massive cousin of the electron.

The formation of the muon releases a flash of blue light known as Cherenkov radiation, and that is what the KM3NeT detector would be built to observe. It's an insanely circuitous process that relies on plenty of luck, and in all our searching we've still only confirmed two extraterrestrial neutrino sources in the entire universe: our own Sun and supernova SN1987A.

When built, KM3Net will feature towers at least 2,600 feet tall, and the current designs call for them to exceed the height of Dubai's 2,723-foot Burj Khalifa, currently the tallest building in the world. Of course, this wouldn't simply be an underwater skyscraper - its vast network of towers would add up to three cubic kilometers, three times bigger than the current biggest detector, IceCube, and second only to the Great Wall of China in terms of largest human structures. All the towers would be fitted with arrays of spherical photomultiplier tubes, which are optical sensors that can spot the Cherenkov radiation in any direction.

The detector needs to be built underwater for a couple of reasons. First, Cherenkov radiation is most visible in a clear, deep medium, which the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea is perfect for. Second, scientists want to spot extraterrestrial neutrinos, as opposed to the much, much more common atmospheric neutrinos, and so they need a gigantic particle shield that can keep these lower energy particles out while letting the high energy neutrinos through. Over three thousand feet of seawater is the perfect natural shield. There are also some fringe benefits to be had from building such a massive structure beneath the Mediterranean. The detector is designed to double as an underwater observatory, with equipment in place for biologists to listen to whale songs and observe bioluminescent organisms found on the ocean floor.

These measures may all seem pretty extreme, but it's just what we have to do if we want to see astrophysical neutrinos. The relatively smaller detector IceCube, which is housed in the South Pole, has yet to find a single non-atmospheric neutrino, and it's possible it simply doesn't have a large enough volume to spot these particles. KM3NeT will be at least two to three times more powerful, and it's scraping against the limits of what we can presently build. If size really is the issue here - and that's not actually a certainty, as there could be some other reason why we're having so much trouble finding extraterrestrial neutrinos - then KM3NeT is probably about as big as we can go. But the detector has an excellent chance - not only is it almost incomprehensibly vast, it will be pointed right at Sagittarius-A*, the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy.

Will tampering with the Briah usher in 2012 - 5772 with a little haste from above?
"In it's Time I will hasten it"
- A year ending in "'72" Melech Moshiach wil be revealed - Zohar


Menachem said...

Stop reporting false science. The LHC has not proven that neutrinos are faster than light. They are speculating the possibility but have not definitely verified due to relativistic effects that occur at those speeds. They have not found the boson but only believe that they have narrowed down the level of energy that it could exist, if it exists. I have a friend who works at the LHC, visiting in Israel, and he told me yesterday that they are trying hard to justify the 10 billion they spent on this nonsensical science. They want to keep their jobs. Another fact is that if neutrinos are faster than the speed of light, why does that disprove Einsteinian Physics? The Law of Relativity (it is well proven and is no longer called a theory) deals with the sub-speed of light relativistic effects and has not changed. Newtonian physics was not disproved by Einstein. We are mixing apples and oranges. The only true answers to science are in the Torah and that is where a Jew should refer for answers, definitely not the world media.

duvid pesach said...
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duvid pesach said...

in response:
a)this is not false science;and any science that is not true and based on torah is false and speculative anyways - gravity anyone? geocentric anyone?
b)they have strong reason to believe neutrinos have gone faster than light - they have not proven that they havent. i have every reason to believe that they can go faster than light, because einstein is not the torah, as smart as he may have been.
c)no one said they found the boson, nor will they find the boson, as they believe they can find God w/o torah.
d)by nature relativity is relative, obviously.
e)the scope of this article i posted was to show that neutrinos seem to spell doom for the centers that explore them, an odd coincidence, that i believe may not be coincidence.
f)both newton and einstein fall short of the mercury "problem" - which i believe geocentrism answers, if you want to go torah on this -see tractate shabbos on astrology as it describes mercury.
g)the sub point of this article again, is to show that neutrino research spells doom, and that modern science is inching towards its final resting place: to be understood by the words of sages and kabalah views of the universe. until then, Hashem plays with scientists as they believe they play with God.

Klishlishi said...

Einstein's Relativity says that nothing can go faster than the speed of light IN A STRAIGHT LINE. However ROTATIONAL speeds faster than the speed of light, as in eg the Geocentric universe, ARE allowed by Relativity. And nowhere does Relativity assign an actual VALUE to the speed of light. Relativity has many critics in the scientific world, with many advocating a return to the Ether/Firmament.

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