Monday, December 12, 2011


in the vanguard said...

What has this to do with the Zohar? Do you assume we readers so easily can connect the dots, to render sense out of some MAYAN picture and our holy books? Please explain the connection.

Another request: Wherefrom your assertion this is a "prophecy"; What book, What source?

duvid pesach said...

the mayan 2012 date is thought of to be a prophecy.
the zohar connection is a theme i have made clear in numerous postings;the zohar discusses geulah in a year ending in 72 with commentators stating an ambiguosity of 71/72.
one such opinion is the ramban.
all of these dates are hinted at in a few selected zohars of the same 72 theme,again,something that i and many other blogs have made clear.
if the dates are not accurate, then one must assume the zohar had something else in mind;rendering the mayans as obsolete.
an opinion is that the mayans were using jewish wisdom.thus zohar wisdom by some means-perhaps zevulon's travels

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