Sunday, December 25, 2011

Shir HaShiurim...From Tzfat!

Click Here For Parashas Vayishlach With Ramban!

  • The Spiritual Level of Yaakov
  • Amana of Yaakov ; Save Me!
  • What is Real Suffering?
  • Yaakov and Uriel?
  • Keil Elyon and Tachton?!
  • Judging Shechem Like Bnei Noach
  • Where Do We Come From?
  • Kings of Esav? Prophecy of the Future?

  • Yerushalayim - Why is it Called This?
  • How Does Hashem Look Onto The World?
  • Exile - What About It?
  • 2=1...???
  • Israel and Judaism, Are They The Same?
  • Kohen, Angels, and Torah

May Torah From Tzfat Lead To Torah From Zion!


Joe said...

Remarkable, uplifting and exciting.
What a time to be alive !!!!

Todah rabbah ha Rav David for providing so many missing pieces of the jig-saw puzzle.
I am giddy from all the information that is exploding in my head....but more importantly in my heart. I am swimming in a sea of euphoria.

Baruch HaShem for your attention to detail.
Keep up your labour of love and keep lighting HaShem's ohr ha ganuz in a world of that is filled with so much darkness. An apt message for Chanukah if one takes it to heart and digs under the superficial traditions of Chag Chanukah.

Chanukah Sameach

Anonymous said...

Joe... I totally agree with you... what an exciting time to live...and to see all of the puzzle actually come together... AFTER THE FACT...

Thank you Rabbi Katz... we appreciate your tremendous study you do for all of us.

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