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The Rebbe and His Mazal

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Written by Rabbi David Katz

מנחם מענדל בן חנה לוי יצחק שניאורסון
Menachem Mendel ben Chana / Levi Yitzchak Schneersohn

Initial Letters: מלב משיח / From the Heart of Moshiach

מנחם מענדל: is 332:  (אליהו זכור לטוב) Eliyahu zachor letov, to announce geulah

מנחם= is 138, צמח, the name of the final redeemer; מענדל = is 194, צדק,thus making the name "צמח צדק", righteousness will flourish; the original Tzemech Tzedek said, "Think Good and it will be Good", thus the Rebbe showed to be a true Tzemech Tzedek; The Rebbe said of the Tzemach Tzedek's work "Ohr HaTorah" that it contains all the previous and future teachings of the Chabad Rebbes

לוי יצחק = is 254 = "Od Yosef Chai", Yosef still lives, for better or for worse, we are closer to Moshiach ben Yosef and his tafkid due to the Rebbe's presence and knowledge of Redemption; making geulah and a Moshiach Ben Yosef relevant; one could even say the Rebbe fulfillled many aspects of a bechina of Moshiach Ben Yosef of the Dor, as per the Gra's conception of Geulah, wars of Hashem , etc...[Kol Hator]

בן לוי יצחק 306, אשה... since the Rebbe had no children, and remained married, the "Woman" remained a central theme of his spirituality, gufa.

שניאורסון: = is שני או רסון: comes to ר''ס''ון [of remez then sod, constant condition of pardes, chassidus - remez, sod pshat drush, as per rectified level of pardes] : שני ([is the second, ie sod [secret], as pardes would usually be : pshat remez drush sod, focusing on the second in the rectified order, or last normative: sod/secret, the tachlis of torah equalling pshat/simple meaning]..thereby: "second" (sod/secret, coming at the end of Pardes Normative) - or [או] "pardes [exegesis in Torah] rectified = שני-או-רסון (Remez to Sod, followed by Pshat and Drush); The difference: where is the Sod level in Teaching Torah, levels of exegesis in Torah and Chassidus

משל מחיב: the Torah's anecdotes come to obligate one to Mitzvos, out of Cheshek: Love of Torah, from the Heart.

End Letters: קין מן לה: "Cain is a type to {her}", beloved to Eve, regardless; in need of a tikkun, the geulah according to the Arizal is from a rectified Cain, Elijah being a gilgul from the spark of Cain, among others connected to Geulah.

קנה - [loshon of Abraham and Shem at Har Bayit, קנה...אל עליון- maker of Heaven and Earth] / נקה - acquitted = למי נ ...the one who is acquitted/acquiring Heaven and Earth is he who is of "perfect Binah/Understanding"

Initial Letters: מחיל בשם: to enliven by name, personal chizuk; בחיל ממש envigoration...חיל שם מ''ב, arousing the Name of Ana Ba-Koach [42, of the Mochin - Intellect of Creation, as explained in Kabala/Zohar]

לוי יצחק שניאורסון = is 927, Armilos spelled in full: the power to negate the שר ערב רב =ארמילוס...a sign of the end just before Moshiach, when Armilos approached Moshiach Ben Yosef [even of the Generation]...same concept as Moshiach (358) is the Ko-ach to negate the Nachash (358)

Initial Letters: שמי מחלב...My name is from milk [mother's]...Sarah when she fed Isaac had the ability to impart God-Fearing to her child, as well as all the children she miraculously nursed - such is the strength of a righteous woman..his strength/name came from the milk - nurturing.

מים חש לב..."Water / Torah is felt in the heart" [from a silent Heart]...which summarizes the Rebbe's words, to anyone who has a heart to listen, even if you are a Gra-Nic.

Chanukah Sameach!

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