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Erev Rav, Erev Katan, Erev Amalek?

The Torah learns out that there are two main types of Erev Rav opposition: Erev Rav and Erev Katan. (The Great One and the Lesser One)

The Mincha Prayer which has a hidden time period called, "Plag HaMincha" (The Time-Period) of the Latter Portion of Mincha...allows Time to continue, giving one the power of Patience, Ability to Wait, and the feeling of having More Time.
Erev Rav/Katan seek to waste and ruin our Time.

R'Furmanski wrote:

The technical term is "Erev-Zuta/Zeir", "zuta" means small, little, same as "Zeir" or "za'ir" in Hebrew, all mean tiny, miniature, liliputian, i.e. small, little, etc.

The basic definitions:
a) Erev Rav -- the sparks of the Da'at (that were mixed into the Nogah (klilpah)) ("erev-rav" in gematria is 474, same as "da'at") (see "Me'orei-Ohr" letter "Ayin").

b) Erev Zuta -- the sparks from the Yessod (that...Nogah)

Zohar "Ki-Tisa" P. 191 -- discusses the difference between the "erev-rav" and the "erev-ze'ira." This were the klipah of the mixed multitude that once 6 hours passed ("boshesh etc. etc.) ignited the people to gang against Aharon. The "erev-rav" started their rebelion once the time reached 6.5 hours i.e. 1/2 hour after mid-day until 9.5 hours (3.5 hours from mid-day) the segment of time we call "betwee minchah gedolah (6.5) and minchah ketanah(9.5)). Then from 9.5 hourse of the day until the end of the day it was the "erev-ze'ira" and as the Zohar explains there that there were two "erevs" as the term "erev-rav" itself includes the letters of "rav" twice, once in each word, i.e. there were two erevs, one from minchah-gedolah until minchah-ketanah and one passed minchah-ketanah, and from here are their names. As mentioned above this stands for two major kelipot, from da'at and from yessod, and yessod is indeed the "continuation" of the da'at and is also called da'at as the zivug is called da'at -- Adam "yada" et Chavah -- da'at means union, relationships, two levels of the kelipah, spiritually two levels of lies -- instinctually being in nature not honset and a lier (yessod), and conceptually, i.e. weak values that "kosher" "logicelly" the use of lies (as there are no values).

This is explicitly quated in Kitvei-Ha'arizal in "Likutei-Torah on Parshat "Miketz" (the drush on the verse "lechu el yosef") that there were two types of them erev rav and erev-katan, and it quotes there the zohar above -- erev-rav & erev zeir, erev rav came from da'at-elyon and erev-zeir came from the yessod (kelipot).

Moshiach is really a 5772 formula going back to Moshe : Wait to Wait to Wait (Fractal Time)
Patience is the Tikkun Of Adam in Gan Eden to get to Shabbos: [Wait] to Wait:- to Wait.[Wait with Simcha]
5772- Still Waiting!


Rivka said...

Shalom and brachot Rabbi Katz,

You did a reading of the names of my husband and myself, Shemuel and Rivka Sharvit, a couple of weeks ago and we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated it, learned from it, and were encouraged forward in our spiritual lives by it. Not only does it remind us of things we have known by "spiritual hints" but it refocuses us in the right direction.And it is phenomenal in its understanding of things in our lives that no one other than Hashem could know. Thank you so much for this remarkable and beautiful name study. May Hashem continue to bless you in this endeavor and may many others find the delight and the wonder that we did in seeing the overarching wisdom of the Holy One of Israel in creating His universe and His people!
Thank you, Shemuel and Rivka Sharvit

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