Thursday, December 22, 2011

Galus China : Welcome

Galus China: The Erev Rav securing the Far East.

China is a product of Avraham Avinu sending his children with Ketura East. Having sent them with powers of impurity, they would be permanently exiled. The irony is: as China would prepare the world for the "Exile of China", they would be so consumed with the preparation work of this exile, that it would in effect, cause an exile on themselves. The longer they prepare to take over, the further they are ineffective. This would be the opposite of Torah, in Klippah. The more Torah that one learns, the more he realizes he does not know, thereby he must study even more, to the point of infinity. Thus China has the power of an infinite exile, and ironically they have exiled themselves infinitely waiting to impose their veil.

The Erev Rav seeks to use the power of Klippah, to rule the world in their attempt at a final exile - something that we are witnessing now. While there is the economic turmoil in the world, the Erev Rav are doing quite well, finding resources, and looking to enslave the enslaved nation of infinite possibilities : China.

China has said that they could weather a nuke, as they disregard their people; The Erev Rav see this as an opportunity, and a chance to secure their grip on the world, moving the war from propaganda, to an outright dictatorship - police state - NWO. Are we seeing the final phase of Galus? (and how will Korea work into this)

Bnei Haggar are coming very close to the Bnei Ketura (same person - wife of Abraham, yet 2 distinct klippot), both under the political jostling of Erev Rav. As Erev Rav work ever closer to Ketura, Yishmael will only strengthen in his war against the Erev Rav. Yishmael sees all Jews as Erev Rav, and as they become monotheistic from their Avodah Zarah of the past, they can not tolerate the East, and the Jewish presence there. This is one perspective of the hostility and Gog Magog features of Pakistan. It will be interesting to monitor China and Israel into 2012.

China should buy small start-up companies in Israel to help it move from a "made in China" to "made by China" manufacturing model, said an American-Israeli journalist and author Tuesday in Beijing.

Saul Singer, who co-wrote with Dan Senor "Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle," a bestseller that investigates Israel's innovative prowess, made the statement at a press conference in the Chinese capital.

Referring to Israel as a start-up nation that abounds in small innovative ventures, Singer said some big companies, many of which were American, had bought start-ups or built research and development centers in Israel. He encouraged Asian countries, including China, to follow suit.

Singer went on to suggest that Chinese leaders, who talk, plan and think very seriously about how to move from a "made in China" to "made by China" manufacturing model that generates more innovation inside the country, turn to Israel and work with Israelis to achieve their goal.

"Start-ups are very good at innovation, but they are very bad at promoting their innovations to big companies," Singer said. "They don't know how to do that. Big companies have the opposite problem. They are very good at taking something and making it big, but they are not very good at innovation. It's hard for them to think of a really new innovation."

Singer said if China and Israel worked together, they would be able to solve each other's respective problems. Citing Intel Corporation's success in Israel as an example, he noted that as soon as China began similar cooperation projects with Israel, it would benefit both sides.

Singer said the fact that Intel chips were designed in Israel had helped the country get a lot of businesses from the American microchip manufacturer, while Intel had benefited greatly from Israeli assistance in helping it become the most important chipmaker in the world.

He added that the challenges China faces in innovating and cultivating more entrepreneurs who want to launch their own businesses could be solved if the country teamed up with Israel. In return, big countries like China would also benefit, he said.

Will Galus "just end" in 2012? 
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Klishlishi said...

Hard to believe,but the Chinese and Negroes are both from the same ancestor: Cham! These Chinese lasses
will one day be greatly chagrined that they & Oprah are of the same yichus! Zecharya 13 predicts that 2/3 of humanity will be wiped out in the Messianic Age,which some commentators say means most the descendants of Cham & Yefes will not be present,leaving only the Shemites.One thing looks likely:an aweseome culling of humanity could be in the offing!

Anonymous said...

Shalom Rav Katz,
Can you look it up in the link below if it has true Bible codes.

Chanuka Sameach

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