Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Erev Rav, Amalek, ...Where's Moshiach?

                              IDF (Israeli Defense Forces)

Fictional Scenario ; This Is Why We Need To Daven!
Some day in the very near future, Americans will awake to a terrifying scenario:

Overnight, elements of the Israeli Air Force conducted surgical strikes in Iran to neutralize their nuclear activities. Simultaneously, Israel conducted raids into Southern Lebanon and Gaza to limit the retaliatory capability of Iranian surrogates Hezbollah and Hamas.

Iran responded to the attacks immediately by closing and mining the straits of Hormuz and launching missile strikes into Iraq, Kuwait and at U.S. carrier groups in the region. Unconfirmed reports have surfaced that a “suicide submarine” has exploded alongside the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and the crew members are fighting to save the ship.

America activated its NATO allies and conducted preliminary retaliatory strikes into Iran, targeting the Islamic Republic’s government and Revolutionary Guards Corps bases.

Russia and China moved immediately to condemn the Israeli attack and the U.S. support that made it possible. Meanwhile, Iran has activated its cells around the globe and bombs have already gone off at multiple American and Israeli diplomatic and military installations in Europe and Asia.

Global markets collapse and crude oil prices spike exponentially – by the open of the markets in New York City, gasoline approaches an average of $6 per gallon. Saudi authorities release millions of barrels of crude to stabilize oil prices and are themselves targeted by Iranian surface-to-surface missiles. With Saudi oil fields ablaze, crude spikes and the Euro drops to all-time lows against the Dollar which is itself in free fall.

These are the first hours of the war with Iran.

The world is moving uncomfortably close to a scenario that closely mirrors what could be considered the worst case scenario for intervention into Iran’s rapid nuclearization – a unilateral Israeli strike on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear facilities. Iran announced that it will make a major announcement regarding its nuclear program tomorrow – many suspect that Iran will tout its mastery of the nuclear fuel cycle and its ability to produce sanctioned nuclear materials domestically.

As a possible means of heading off an imminent attack by Israel on Iranian nuclear facilities, U.S. defense officials have been consistently providing to the press a narrow timeline for Israeli action – sooner rather than later is the order of the day.

If Israel is allowed to conduct this intervention on its own, less than a year after the Arab Spring effectively has done away with the peace hashed out by Sadat and Begin in the 1978 Camp David Accords, the consequences for the Middle East will be dramatic and unpredictable. What is certain is that the “Arab Street” will be consumed white hot with a passion and desire for revenge against the West and the newly revolutionary governments in North Africa and the Middle East may well oblige.

Over a decade, the world’s Western leaders allowed this crisis to grow; punting the consequences of strong action until they simply ran out of field. They sowed the wind and now they reap the whirlwind.

It Looks Like The End, Feels Like The End, Smells Like The End, ...

5772 Reasons To Believe

[I'd hate to have to have  "5786" reasons to believe in the Keitz - What would that look like?] 


Anonymous said...

Nobody has to be a prophet to feel that the geula shlema is very very close,the jews of houts laarets have to leave now,not tomorrow,their country and come to israel because the goyim ,everywhere ,say that the world crisis that will come is because the jews!!!!!
in the kets hayamim all the world is mitzraim like it s witten in the zohar!
god will protect us only in israel because .......come now my brothers,it s not a joke,if not ,u will die .......

Anonymous said...

G-d bless israel.
and what about another scenaria rabbi. in the merits of mordechai and ester, the hamans are destroyed by Hashem without israel having to do anything??
Just as mother rachel interceeded to Hashem when she weeped for her children during the first exile, which was shortened for her sake. may the merits of mordechai and ester stand up for their beloved israel, and this purim may we see another miracle.

Anonymous said...


What a hateful Jew you are and arrogant as well as to say that only Jews in Israel are protected....who gave you permission to say that? How can you claim such things and ignor the facts in the Torah that says repeatly that HaShem will gather all of us? I mean do Jews who are lucky enoght to live in Israel are better then the rest of Klal Yisrael? Wake up, you too are in Galut while in Israel!

Are you one f those Jews who truly believe that Jews in Diasporah are all rich and could all make Aliya and just don't want to? Then what is the differences between you and a Natzi or any antisematic goy? Or are you just a follower of the Nir Ben Artzi crowed? He is not a rabbi you do knw that right? He has helped people as a seer with financial matters but as for the rest....all the autistics who are holy have already said for 20 years almost everything he s saying and copying from the news media ....except that they even say that all the true Jews will be saved! All Nir Ben Artzi is asking for is our money - he docent care for any of us and e very Drasha asks for Jews in Galut to send their money to Israel and their Torahs......he mocks us for not making Aliya as if it's fun fr him and calls us all rich...... We are exactly where HAShem wants us at any given should be ashamed of generalizing all Galut Jews are inferior to you Jews who live in Israel! Not everyone is a new Oleh and can get help from the Israeli government nor is everyone just too rich and comfortable as to not leave! I am sick of hearing self rigiouse Jews who made Aliya themselves and everything worked up for them well to now raised themselves above us all and say "shame on you spoil people " and to hear if you dont all make Aliay you will die well I hope one day you are put in your rightful place a s Reshaiim-the whicked! For condemng the rest of Klal Yisrael to death because they can't live in Israel like much pride you have....HaShem loves all his Jews not just you, what a shame, what will happen if we Galut Jews stoped our support to Jews in Israel? If you only want us for our money and think of us as the dead....what shall we think of all of you? M.M

Leah said...

It appears that so much is heating up. Why is the rest of the world not listening?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Feb 15, 2012 07:09 AM:

The way you wrote about Feb 14, 2012 09:19 PM is disgusting. Look in the mirror. Just because you don't agree with his opinion, is it kosher for you to call him a Natzi or any antisematic goy or, a hateful jew and arrogant jew ? It's a mitzva to give your fellow jew the benefit of the doubt, not to shame him and to love him. About the facts you wrote re our situation, both of you are wrong somewhere because the truth is in the torah Hashem gives a guarantee that He will protect those who live in Israel in the last war but as the eg Chabad Rebbe zt'l and the Tanya (is based on the Rabbi Shimon bar yochai's holy Zohar) and the Gra (Vilna HaGaon in his Maamar ha'Geulah) amongst other giants writes, every Jew will be saved in the geula, no one will be left behind and the futue redemption contrary to the 1st one from egypt, won't occur in a hurried manner! Also according to the Zohar (see above) the geulah will happen this year. The closer we come to the final geulah the scarier things will look but the more Hashem's hashgacha pratis over us will increase. The Geula is every Jew's apointment with Hashem and every Jew will get there. As Rabbi Katz wrote in this article, there are at least 5772 reasons to believe. If you wanna do something for yourselves and am yisrael start reciting tehilim so that the geula can happen early this year, as soon as possibe bH.

Anonymous said...

To AnonymousFeb 15, 2012 04:15 PM

It appears to me that it would also be best if you checked your own image in the mirror. Who are you to judge any off us? I did not call the person a Natzi or a Goy! Please check your facts before acuse anyone!
I am voicing the feeling that most of us Gola Jews feel when Jews in Israel think we will all die and only they will live......that is what I was referring too, so please spare us all judgmental tone and check your facts next time...
I see your bias toward my post compare to the other person, a one sided slender toward me. When you present your facts as lies you are the person that you just described- your own mirror. Every time we read posts that claim that all Galut Jews will die and one of us posts anything to contradict it, he gets attacked by someone just like you no matter how nice we sound or soft it is a double standard . Are we not allowed to say anything without you policing us? Yes, my post was very frustrating for me to write but don't we deserve to be heard? Jews in Israel do think of us as rich and spoiled especially when they hear Nir Ben Artzi you deny any if that too? Or defend it? I know as I stated that each Jew will be saved that was my point, you just rewrote it....

Point is you should not tell people how to feel or write no matter how you feel it is not your place to e our judge and jury and misquote us as well while akin credit for our words by rewriting them... You need to do some self searching as well instead of being a judge.

Anonymous said...


To Anonymous Feb 14, 2012 09:19 PM,

I do apologize if I hurt you in any way, I was just really upset to read what you wrote. I guess I took out my frustration about this situation on your post. I love all of Am Yisrael and seeing what you and others have been writing about our faith in the Galut really hurts. Lately I have seen and heard from many fellow Jews who want to leave the Galut but just can not find a way nor frankly can afford to even buy the plane tickets to Israel, so many Jews who love HaShem are now just live in panic over some of what people have been just hurts but I should not have written what I wrote, I am truly sorry. With love...

Leah said...

Rabbi Pinchas Winston says that if a person cannot get to EY, he/she should at least yearn to go there. We are held down by money needs, not wanting to leave family , the list goes on. I have faith in Hashem and speak to Hashem throughout my day.Things are really heating up... I pray Moshiach comes this year!

Anonymous said...

Truly, time to go home... and AMEN!

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