Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Yetzer HaRa Let Loose

Oddly, I can relate to this; and not just because I grew up watching "Saved By The Bell."

Do we really need anything more?

Ynet News:

Rabbis of the extreme Eda Haredit faction have waged war against a new technological enemy: Smartphones in general, and Apple products in particular.

Pashkevilim (religious ads) published in Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods last weekend, claim the iPod, iPad, Blackberry and iPhone may deteriorate children's education to "bottomless pits".

According to the ads, the rabbis are lashing out at the devices as they allow people to connect to the Internet, which they believe contains "a great amount of destruction".

An Eda Haredit source told Ynet's local portal, Mynet, that the new battle was launched due to the smartphones' growing popularity in the haredi sector.

"We have a problem," he admits. "The different iPhones are no longer just phones, but computers for all intents and purposes, and some of the people have become accustomed to buying them.

"Therefore, we decided to issue ads against their possession, call on the public to avoid using them and warn against the spiritual danger they conceal," he explained.

This isn't the first time Eda Haredit leaders rise up against technological innovations. In the past, they have called on their public not to purchase MP4 and other portable media players.

Faction members even launched an all-out war against stores selling the "forbidden" devices within the Mea Shearim neighborhood.

Israel's Kosher Phone -  Keeping People Sane In 5772

The Last Mishna in Sotah: [speaking of the End of Days]

-Men of deeds enfeebled. Men of arm, and tongue prevail
-Nobody examines, and nobody intercedes
-Scholars= School teachers
School teachers= Synagogue attendants
Synagogue attendants= Common people
Common people= Increasingly enfeebled

-Insolence will increase
-Expensiveness will soar
-Vine will yield fruit, but the wine will be costly
-The Government will turn to heresy
-There will be no rebuke
-The House of Meeting will serve immorality
-Galilee will be destroyed. Gavlan desolate
-The frontier people will wander from city to city, and will not be pitied
-Wisdom of scholars will denigrate
-Those who fear sin will be despised
-The truth will be absent
-Young men will humble elders
-Elders will rise before youngsters
-A mans enemies will be the members of his household
-The face of the generation will be the face of a dog
-A son will not be ashamed before his father

Sounds like 5772, No?


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