Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Faster Than A Neutrino Bullet!

From "Big Think" - Neutrinos that can go faster than Light? Look out Einstein!

What's the Latest Development?

America's most powerful physics experiment, the Fermilab particle accelerator in Batavia, Illinois, is set to test the controversial conclusion of a European lab which claimed to observe neutrinos breaking the speed of light. Neutrinos, a slippery subatomic particle, are extremely difficult to detect so a dual beam of them will be shot through two detectors: one at Fermilab and the other at a mine in Minnesota some 735 kilometers away. In addition to measuring the speed of the neutrinos, the experiment will also assess 'neutrino oscillation'.

What's the Big Idea?

The American physics community heaved a collective sigh after Fermilab closed its most powerful accelerator—though the laboratory houses nine others—handing the distinction of having the world's most powerful machine to Europe's Large Hadron Collider at CERN, outside Geneva. When spring arrives, the LHC will resume its hunt for the Higgs boson, a particle thought to endow matter with mass. But no one lab can do it all and Fermilab is looking to innovate in experiments which require less overall power but greater energy intensities.

If Neutrinos do go faster than Light, we will have to either rethink Einstein's Physics, or Re-think-into Einstein's Physics...either way, the scientific model is on shaky ground; while the ancient model of geocentrism is looking prettier than ever - and still fits Chazal with utter clarity. Quite frankly, radical as it may seem, Geocentrism just makes the most sense - from every angle.

Even if Geocentrism is not 100% true, the idea is, that from our viewpoint on Earth, it works as the most accurate model, in a subjective / relative fashion. If Truth runs parallel, then our viewpoint on Earth of the Universe is totally valid in a relative way. I think Chazal at least had this in mind, if not totally. This is the ancient methodolgy, and can be argued to have the most success in the long run.
This is the premise of the Mayan Calendar; that their view from Earth, could be used to relatively and in a parallel way understand the Cosmos; this rationale could then be used to understand the 7 Wisdoms, namely the Sciences; Astronomy and Physics in particular.
It would then be interesting to see if Neutrinos do go faster than Light, to then look at Chazal and to see how they define and observe Light.
One such example is: יהי אור - "Let there be Light" - perhaps thinking into this, could explain and resonate well with the Neutrino Research if the results return that Neutrinos do travel faster than the Speed of Light.
It is predicted that in the End of Days (Gra) Physics and Kabalah would merge into a mutual understanding. When the results are in, we may find this prediction to be amazingly true, and that the World that we regularly observe, is openly sharing a bigger picture. We just need the Torah to tell us HOW to look at it.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited." - Einstein


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