Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Geulah In Rav Elyashiv's Name!

                                              יוסף שלום בן אברהם חיה מושה

  • יוסף שלום = Gematria 532; Moshiach Ben Menashe in atbash; Moshiach Ben Menashe is Moshe with a nun, the final redeemer that comes with Moshiach Ben david; 532- כלב when using final letter status - Kaleb was the "perfect husband, loyal" to Miriam; Kaleb can have connotation as : כל לב, all heart.
  • יוסף שלום בן אברהם = Gematria 832 - ארץ ישראל / Land of Israel - as is with Israel, through suffering, you will inherit it.
  • יוסף שלום בן אברהם חיה מושה is 958 - כבוד in milui (spelled out ) / Honor -  Glory
  • Yosef and Shalom represent the yesod of yesod - the same aspect as the Ramchal, who's yahrtzeit is in Tiveria; Moshiach Ben Yosef would be found in the North. Yesod is depicted as Righteousness in Kabalah.
  • Initial Letters: משיח בא "Moshiach comes"
  • חש א''ם בי - to "feel" Moshiach/Eliyahu [א''ם] in me
  • Initial Letters: משיח אב/אב משיח
  • End Letters: המן מ''פה : Haman from here; as it is said, to get Israel to do Teshuva, hashem will stand up a leader whose decrees are harsh like Haman; From Here can double as: from the mouth, which Iran fits the bill in both ways expressed here.
  • יוסף שלום- Hashem is on the verge of Shalom - ה' סף שלום
  • Initial Letters: חיב אשם - Guilty of Guilt - a message to Israel to do teshuva
  • Initial Letters in atbash: מ''772 - From 772, as in the year and its significance
  • Initial Letters: חשב אמי : Consider/Give Thought of My Mother (daven!)
  • Mother's Name in atbash Gematria: 190- Chaya/182 - Musha = קץ יעקב, the end [time of] Yaakov
May the Posek HaDor Live to see Moshiach Tzidkenu and The Beis Hamikdash Built in His Days With Perfect Health!
משיח 5772 - AMEN!


wilf said...

Is it usual for a universal order to stop the actual seder of Torah limmud
as per R.Shteinmann?

R.Chaim Zimmerman wrote that when G-d wants to bring a mapoloh on the Jewish People, He brings about a reduction or even ceasing of their prophylactic Torah study.

At this time, on the possible brink of WWIII, that the Torah seder should be stopped for the sake of a 102 year old sick man is incomprehensible and ominous. If ever there was a time for Amolek to lash out during a dangerous lacuna in Torah study, it is now ch"v. It is lucky that Chabad at least will not obey such an order.

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