Sunday, February 5, 2012

OK, Seriously, Gog and Magog Shaping Up!

Obama to do shtick to Assad, leads to a war with Hezbollah and Israel, and Israel with Syria and Iran = WWIII

This is looking more and more legit by the moment.


Hezbollah is prepared if Western powers interfere in Syrian affairs and believes that a war in the Middle East could prevent the fall of the Assad regime, Lebanese official says.
Hezbollah is prepared to attack Israel in the event of Western intervention in Syria against the Syrian regime, a Lebanese Hezbollah official said Sunday according to the Palestinian News Network.

The unnamed official said Hezbollah was prepared if Western powers intervened in Syria in order to stop Syrian President Bashar Assad's crackdown on anti-government protesters, even if the "price for it" is to engage the IDF in battle in order to divert attention away from the Syrian arena.
According to the report, Hezbollah - which is believed to have a stockpile over 30,000 missiles - believes that a war in the Middle East may prevent the fall of Assad.

The Shi'ite group supports a compromise based on reforms and "easing the crisis" between anti-government forces and the Syrian regime, according to the official.

Israel has said that Hezbollah along with Iran are providing weapons to their ally Syria to help suppress Syrian opposition activists calling for Assad's ouster, in a conflict that has resulted in the deaths of more than 6,000 Syrians.

“The radical axis is trying to retain its power and as time passes, Iran and Hezbollah increase their efforts to help the Assad regime survive by providing knowledge, weaponry and other capabilities,” head of Military Intelligence Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi said in January.

Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon said on Sunday that were Assad's government to fall, it would "break the axis of evil with Hezbollah and Iran."

Hezbollah has been one of the few voices in the Arab world actively supportive of Assad and the Syrian regime.

Hamas - another Iran proxy in the region - quietly backed away from vocalizing support for the Assad regime, and many of the group's officials have left their political bureau in Damascus for neighboring countries.

Here's to Here We Go in 5772!


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