Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Erev Rav: Securing Amalekite Exile

Get Ready To Live With Amalek; Heil Bibi! (Where Zionism Went Wrong)
[ Erev Rav Seeking Eternal Galus China - Tumat Ain Sof]

Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said deepening trade ties with China could pay off by helping leaders of the world’s second-biggest economy better understand the Jewish state’s policies toward Iran and Syria.

“China is a growing economic power,” Steinitz said today in an interview in Beijing, where he traveled to sign a $300 million financial protocol aimed at boosting trade. “We do hope that if we are able to improve economic ties and connections between Israel and China, it will help us also to explain our positions with regard to the Iranian nuclear threat, with regard to the events in Syria.”

While Israeli exports to China have more than doubled over the last two years, the level is “not enough yet,” Steinitz, 53, said. “It’s far from being enough.”

His push for greater economic ties comes as China, the biggest buyer of Iranian oil, refuses to support international sanctions over the Islamic republic’s nuclear program. Israel says Iran intends to build atomic weapons and hasn’t ruled out military strikes to prevent it, escalating tensions in a region that holds 54 percent of global oil reserves.

Iran, which says its enrichment of uranium is only for civilian energy purposes, last week refused to let United Nations experts investigate a suspected nuclear-related military base. The risk of a military conflict was highlighted the same day when an Iranian general said his nation would consider pre- emptive action if it is threatened.

Steinitz, a member of the Likud Party, said he leaves diplomatic discussions mainly to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman.

China’s UN Veto

The Chinese government joined Russia this month in vetoing a United Nations Security Council resolution supported by the U.S. and Israel calling on Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to cede power over his crackdown on protests that have killed thousands. China opposes trade restrictions against Iran and said sanctions on its oil exports aren’t “constructive,” state-run Xinhua News Agency reported Jan. 26, citing comments from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Israel and China established full diplomatic relations in 1992. Israel is seeking to boost sales to fast-growing economies such as China and India as Europe struggles with a debt crisis and global trade slows. Exports account for about 40 percent of Israel’s gross domestic product.

Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer in October 2010 said the global economy’s “center of gravity” is moving to Asia and that the region will dominate growth in the future. In an interview last week, Fischer said “it’s too early to tell” if the worst of the international economic crisis is over.

Israeli Exports

Israeli exports to China include electrical equipment, precious stones, fertilizers and medical equipment. Chinese exports to Israel include machinery, chemicals, apparel and furniture.

The protocol Steinitz is signing will help exporters of Israeli water technology for agriculture, Israel’s Finance Ministry said in an e-mailed statement on Feb. 27.

Steinitz visited China in May 2010 with Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan to help promote economic ties. Erdan said at the time that Israeli companies have “endless” possibilities to sell technology to China, specifically in the areas of water recycling, desalination and solar power.

Galus China is the dream of an Elitist Rule to turn Judaism into Pax Judaica,
( a period in history marked by the absence of major wars, usually imposed by a predominant nation)
and turning the Land of Israel into the ultimate Socialist Kibbutz-Run State.

The premise is Erev Rav rule from Zion, using Egyptian slavery tactics of the Israeli captives and Jewish leftovers while filling the World with the Tumah of the Orient - making unprecedented levels of Amalek in the World.

-The worst type of Erev Rav are Amalek Proper - "Gra"

Pax Judaica would begin following World War 3 - In Torah terms this is the fall of Armilos, Gog V' Magog, and the advent of Moshiach. (Thank God)

The threat is real, but Galus China / Erev Rav Rule won't happen: as it is an eternal exile, their preparations are also eternal; By the [theoretical] time of Dominion, the World will disintegrate by the seams...and we will welcome the Geulah Shleimah.

Does the World fall apart and stop to take in Shabbos first in 5772?
(Thus averting Amalekite Hell)

We don't need a Kibbutz...
We need the Beis Hamikdash!


Anonymous said...

if you did a google in the past few years, horrific real happenings will be noted. contaminated dog and cat food, with melamine hundreds of pets died in US, because food was made there by licence. there was an article in one of the net newspapers about the kind of paint used in furnitues and many families who bought that furniture had severe skin problems, and many
more horrifying things. how could an intelligent people like the jews trust products from here. their parts and all dont last. their human rights is beyond imagination.

Poopoo Platepussykatz said...

Chinese (masculine derivation) coveting of Maretime Filipinim is disconcerting. Just thought I would share that recent worry, for the record.

duvid pesach said...

the love of tumah and the yetzer hara reigns supreme. the erev rav want to flood the world with tumah such that the world has ever seen; making world eternal dominion possible. the orient cant do it w/o the erev rav and vice versa...but the erev rav are the ruling power: pax judaica

Leah said...

I'mirtze Hashem we will see MOshiach THIS year! So much going on right now. I am flabergasted that more yidden are not waking up to the quickly changing events that are going on continually on a daily basis. Daven.

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