Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012: The Cosmic Tu B'Shvat

Here is a new thought:
There are 6000 years of creation, and we liken these years to 6 days of the working week. Thus 1000 years is 1 day on the cosmic clock. The year 5500 was 6 A.M. for example.
The notion is, that by 6 P.M. will culminate all 6000 years of creation and we shall enter the Great Shabbos, trekking into the abyss of 6000-7000 blissful Shabbos Years.

Everyone knows of a 2012 concept, a sort of cyclic time theory of the Mayan Calendar. One idea floating with the Mayan premise, is that Dec 21 2012 would usher in the Age of Aquarius.
Each astrological age runs roughly 2000 years, and we are coming to the end of the 3rd 2000 year cycle: 2000 years of Tohu, 2000 years of Torah, and 2000 years of Moshiach....into the last segment: 2000 + years of Shabbos.

What connection can we see within Aquarius and Judaism? The answer is simple: Tu' B' Shvat: The Rosh Hashana of the Trees. Adam was commanded to not eat from The Tree Of Knowledge, and he did not eat of the Tree of Life either - being exiled from Gan Eden. On Tu'B'Shavt, we are commanded to eat of trees and davka their fruit. The month of Shevat, is synonymous with D'Li / Aquarius in Jewish Astrology.

Click here for Jewish Astrology on Shirat Devorah: For an explanation and background.

In short, will the Messianic Age be that of a return to Gan Eden to eat of the Trees of Knowledge and Life, and enter into the Shabbos that Adam was to merit?  Perhaps we are on a cosmic clock of destiny, one that is davka of the Trees and Fruit...Dec 21 2012 =  Tu ' B' Shvat of a Cosmic Nature  = Jewish D'Li/Aquarius, signaling the end of a Jewish 2000 year age: Galus...and moving into 2000 + years of Shabbos/ Eternal Geulah.

The return to the Garden of Eden, to eat the Fruit of Adam, Fruit that he was to earn the right to eat from...a return to Innocence...a Cosmic Return...A Cosmic Rosh Hashana...A Cosmic Tu'B'Shvat...Mazal D'Li - Jewish Time.
2012/5772-3...Moshiach Tzidkenu


Anonymous said...

How do you get dec 21 2012 as Tu B'shvat ? I missed your explanation!

duvid pesach said...

age of aquarius and shevat is the mazal aquarius, and the 15th is the essence of aquarius - full moon, peak of the sign

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